TIME SENSITIVE 3/1/24: Jasmine Sherman

Jasmine Sherman absolutely dominated the Free and Equal Elections Foundation third party Presidential primary debates last night! We now have two days to vote to ensure she advances.

Jasmine is running on a leftist platform under the Unicorn Party and is well represented on most social media. Last nights (Feb 29, 2024) debate can be reviewed on

All you need to cast your ranked choice vote in the primary is your ten digit US phone number.

Can you get this word out to your networks? With over 100k democrats in Michigan (where Biden won by roughly 160k in 2020) rejecting the Democrats campaign by voting “uncommitted”, and the largest labor union of over 50k in Washington state (that’s me!) already endorsing the same, it is clear Biden is cooked

National Popular Vote Bill

Our third party votes do not *have* to be limited to their symbolism in 2024!

If your concern about the Electoral College and its impacts on a third party focused election keeps you from considering voting third party in 2024, check out the National Popular Vote Bill which has now passed a total of 42 state legislative chambers in 24 states, and see if your state needs your help in adopting it!

It has become undeniable to even the most loyal of patriots and staunchest of liberals that our 2024 president may already be a foregone conclusion regardless of what any of us do. The Democrats have run their 2024 campaign on literally nothing but fear, offering no solutions or policy to speak of, and spit in the face of the will of the people.

However, the will of the people can still be heard and reverberated around the world through the mechanism of voting, even if your hope of our votes being heard by our actual establishment has evaporated.

We are up against more than half a century of vicious propaganda against the value of voting outside the lesser evil twin party system and are running out of time to make this statement, regardless of the success or failure of the NPV initiative. 

We still have time and need all left leaning heart beating hands on deck here to send a targeted message to the entire world that the people of the United States of America do not stand with their status quo; to vote our conscience and values rather than our fears in 2024.

Please help get the message out any way you can: Jasmine Sherman 2024.