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Cold Front, 2018

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The flashpoint where Courtnee ran out of fucks; A neurotic album presenting a conversation between multiple personalities, Cold Front (2018) expounds upon the themes of reclamation in Embodied, Live in Seattle (2011). Cold Front is the product of over 3 years of exploring the worlds between the beautiful ambient-electronic vocal landscape lullaby songs of CFR’s “Not Applicable” era works, and vulgar ukulele diddies about pussies and assholes and dicks. Written almost entirely on the road, culminating into anthem tracks like Hey Hey and I Hate The Fucking Internet, Cold Front is a journey marrying subconscious shadows with glaring epiphanies, ultimately illustrating how we, when honoring the wisdom in our former selves at different stages of our lives, can develop our own mastery of what will forever lie within. Musically and genre eclectic while maintaining symmetry within Courtnee’s distinct acoustic-electronic sound, Cold Front is sure to have a little bit of something to satisfy, surprise, and amuse every CFR fan — and hopefully piss off everybody else.

Keys, Synth, Ukulele, Guitar, Accordion, Voice: Courtnee Fallon Rex
Recording and Mixing: Courtnee Fallon Rex
CFR photographed by Chad Michael Ward
Mastered by Courtnee Fallon Rex and Aaron Marshall
Released February 14, 2018

Decatur: Produced by Mark Bingham, 2016

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Comprised largely of sultry, torchy cover songs, Decatur hails directly from the melancholy streets of New Orleans. Less challenging in subject matter/language than CFR’s albums Cold Front or Keep Going, Decatur is a crowd pleasing, atmospheric marvel noted for a soulful, stripped down cover style which mirrors the minimal quality of CFR’s original ambient electronic works.

Piano, Synth, Guitar, Ukulele, Accordion, Voice: Courtnee Fallon Rex
Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Mark Bingham
Released February 25, 2016

Keep Going, 2015

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CFR’s inarguable coming of age project, Keep Going (2015) is an aurally-pleasing soft rock album about patriarchy, rape culture, and heartbreak. Solidly rooted and lyrical, these songs illustrate the direct acknowledgement and rejection of a previous life of amatonormative struggle marred in vagueness and ongoing denial. Indications of the silly punk songs to come on Cold Front (2018) can be heard in tracks like RCW.9A.44.050 (The Rape Song), and in this album there is a distinct absence of CFR’s previous ambient wheelhouse in previous works. If Cold Front is the unpretty, recently-whole queer nonbinary feminist finally telling the patriarchy to go fuck itself, Keep Going was the collection of half-woke siren songs that angelically gave it the chance to pull its head out of its own ass, first.

Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Accordion, Keys, Album Design,
Sound Engineering, Recording: by Courtnee Fallon Rex
Final album mastering: Aaron Marshall of
CFR photographed by Chris Clark
Released February 14, 2015

Embodied: Live in Seattle, 2011

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A provocative multimedia show and design project, Embodied is CFR’s most technically ambitious of live shows to date, including video projection, live painting, live musical performance and first foray into crowdfunding. Performed for two nights in November of 2011 with a budget of nearly $4000, Embodied depicted the sense of personality fragmentation in CFR’s youth, and was both a homage to as well as the fulcrum of the extensive experiences of slowly piecing ones self together to truly become capable of being a whole person. The musical performances were bookended with circus aerial work as part of the presentation illustrating an intense musical journey, including much of Not Applicable’s original vocal landscapes and distinctive cover songs at a time when they had only been performed live once 11 years prior. Anyone who enjoys being moved by the dark, melancholy, and profound will love this album in particular. There was also a limited edition behind the scenes DVD available of the making of the show.

Artist, performer, director and writer: Courtnee Papastathis (also as Zita the Aerialist)
Sound Engineering, violin: Edgars Klepers
Visuals and Lights: Courtnee Papastathis, Scott Steffy, Monica Schumacher, and Miked Up Productions.
Released September 15, 2012

Autochthon: The music of Not Applicable, 2012

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Autochthon is a re-release of the moody ambient electronic vocal landscape works of Courtnee Fallon Rex (Papastathis) as Not Applicable in 1999/2000. It includes original music that was first released through the DAM CD’s “Point of Origin” and “Altercations” which was created mainly with a single Juno 106 synth and Courtnee’s first experimentations with the abilities of ther voice. Influenced heavily by the atmosphere of film scores and the melancholy of Pink Floyd, the music of Autochthon was often compared to Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and Julie Cruise of the original Twin Peaks soundtrack, and is the most reviewed album of CFR’s discography.

Created mainly with a single Juno 106 synth and Courtnee’s first experimentations with the abilities of ther voice in 1999/2000.
Released August 25, 2012