Embodied, 2011

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Embodied is a one-woman show illustrating a musical journey, and a rare public performance including much of my original music and distinctive cover songs. It depicts the sense of the personality fragmentation in youth that occurred for me when my mother left, and the experience of slowly piecing one’s self together to truly become a whole person living an embodied life. The show consists of live music, stunning visuals, palpable energy and aerial performance.

Anyone who enjoys being moved by the dark, melancholy, and profound will love this show.

November 9th and 10th. 2011
8pm – 10pm

FRED Wildlife Refuge
127 Boylston St
Seattle, WA 98102

Tickets are $20 at Brown Paper Tickets and at the door, space permitting.


I first emerged on mp3.com as “Not Applicable” in 1999, with my first track Infinite Reality immediately topping the ambient electronic charts. Over the next few years through mp3.com, two albums were released; Point of Origin in 2000, and Altercations in 2001.

Until the 2008 limited edition self released album “Songs of Leaving”, my first album in 8 years, I’ve mostly favored covers and lending vocals to other artists. In 2001 I produced vocals for The Dream Traveler (Joey Fehrenbach) for the tracks Structure and Headpusher. Described as “impressive and emotive”, both Structure and Headpusher were released together as a well-received single through Fade records in 2003. Headpusher was featured on Nick Warren’s Global Underground release Reykjavik.

In 2002, I sang on Scribe Machine’s album Replicant for the stand-out track Fragile, a top 10 hit on many college radio stations, which was later released as a Maxi-single through Plan B and Tower Records.

“Not Applicable (Courtnee Papastathis) is a spectacular and rather cinematic experience. The central texture is influence by Tangerine Dream & Brian Eno and periodically altering its orientation to Phillip Glass & Steve Riech. My favorite part of this music is the mysterious tension of the hauntingly beautiful vocalization. The Music takes occasional ominous sounding detours into new age, and even flirts with electronic windham styling. But the overall aesthetic is still very original.” – The Big Roll

“Not Applicable is a one-woman band (Courtnee Fallon Papastathis) who possesses the unique ability to virtually freeze time with her moving, highly emotional ambient landscapes.” – Digital DriveThru Essentials

“Not Applicable’s Courtnee Fallon Papastathis writes highly emotional ambient music, combining dreamy tones with an unforgettably beautiful voice.” – Mp3.com Spotlight

“For an album that has not one word, it still seems to speak to you; The music has a way of speaking its message through the pitch and emotion in the vocals rather than poetry. Point of Origin is the death of a loved one and the regret our minds ponder, the things that are spiraling around our subconscious every day. Not Applicable is a musical form of these” – Azriel J. Knight





I Put a Spell on You (dub) – TRAPEZE OPENING
Serve the Servants (Nirvana)
Street Spirit (Radiohead)
Hey You (Pink Floyd)

Whatever Lola Wants (Richard Adler & Jerry Ross)
Paint it Black (Rolling Stones)
My Sweet Prince (Placebo)
Infinite Reality
My Way (Paul Anka)


EMBODIED could not have been created without the help of my generous Kickstarter Backers


Artist, performer, director and writer: Courtnee Papastathis (also as Zita the Aerialist)
Sound Engineering, back-up: Edgars Klepers
Visuals and Lights: Courtnee Papastathis and Miked Up Productions.
Photographers: Bill Nash, John Cornicello, Sandra Buskirk, Chris Clark