Attention Economy

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Performing “Attention Economy” in Tacoma, WA – April 18, 2019 (image by @laila.tova)

Living street art by Courtnee Fallon Rex

“Attention Economy” explores the possibility of joining one another, safely yet vulnerably, in an unconventional setting. Rooted in the artists performance, coaching, and acting experience, informed by their dances with depression, suicidal ideation, and addiction to social media, and inspired by the unparalleled work of Maria Abramović, “Attention Economy” stems from an understanding that genuine connection – even very small amounts of it – has deep effects on the psyche that are vital to recovery, maintaining a robust emotional immune system, and cultivating vibrant, healthy communities.

Before COVID-19, “Attention Economy” dared busy shuffling foot travelers to stop a moment and defy our pervasive social isolation to acknowledge the humanity of a open-hearted stranger, and in doing so learn a bit about their own. The concept and need for of “Attention Economy” continues to evolve as the world descends into an age of social distancing, profound uncertainty, massive loss, and deep sorrow.

Still sometimes, we might round an empty street corner to find something unexpected patiently waiting there for us. An opportunity to briefly remove the disintegrating cloak of hurried expectation from our shoulders. A chance to connect, and allow ourselves to be moved. A moment to remember who we are, who we once were, and who we need to become again to weather the storms ahead.


  • Attention Economy was performed from 2018-2019, in conjunction with Tacoma Art Walk


Welcome! Please allow me as little as 3 wordless minutes of your time to spontaneously experience the following:

image by @laila.tova
  • With the chair across from me empty, press the black button on the timer adhered to the chair’s back. Your initiation signifies both your consent to participate and readiness to begin. (NOTE: Though signifying consent in this way was a very important aspect of how I presented this work, I now hold the timer myself and start it once I’ve seen my performance partner settle into their chair)
  • You are allowed 20 extra seconds to seat yourself comfortably, before our two-minute exercise in mutual gaze begins.
  • When our time finishes, please signal the closing of our performance piece by pressing the black button again to quiet the timer.

Inspired by the work of Maria Abramović