“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

― Anna Lappé

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  1. To submit a direct payment to me through my payment processor by credit card or bank account: head this way.
  2. If you prefer debit card, bitcoin, and/or Square Cash, my cashtag is $Courtnee.
  3. I’ve recently added Venmo to my payment arsenal.
  4. I am also on paypal as

Note that all credit card and online payments include a transaction fee of some sort, in which companies who have a monopoly on an invented market of symbolic tree puree shave a little off the top for moving our fake money around for us. Avoid this layer of absurdity by paying by cash or check whenever possible!


Neevita is a sole proprietorship business directly supporting me, a person, trying to get by. The money I make through my multifaceted professions here goes directly to sustaining my self and the future of my work. Thank you for buying small, local, and making a difference in my life!