Acting Resume

Photographed by Mute Photo Concept in Stockholm, Sweden
June 25, 2013

Courtnee Fallon Rex


Height: 5’ 8” (172cm)
Weight: 120lbs (54kg)
Eyes: Brown
Courtnee @


Geek like Me (2004) Supporting John Vechey
The Belt Man (2005) Lead Wonder Productions
Needle Pulling Thread (2006) Lead Joshua Horgan
The Spirit (2006) Principal Lauren Cloutre
MallRobbers (2006) Principal Anthony Watkins
Man of War (2009) Supporting Anthony Watkins


Embodied (2011) Main Character Courtnee Papastathis
How Art Saved My Life (2011) Featured/Ensemble Actor/Aerialist Vita Arts
The Obsidian Show (2008) Zita the Aerialist (lead) Courtnee Papastathis
Little Red Studio (2005-2009) Featured/Ensemble Troupe Actor Kerry Christianson


Acting: University of Washington Nils Osmar
Improv The Olympians Troupe Sam Longoria
Voice Bellevue School of Music
Movement: Aerials Circus Contraption Lara Paxton
Tumbling, Partner
School of Acrobatics Chuck Johnson
Jo Montgomery

Special Skills

Soprano, Aerialist, Acrobalance, Massage Therapist, Circus Aerials, Tumbling, Fire spinning and Eating, Roller skating, Artist, Musician, Photographer, Model.
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