• Pencil Sketches

    ON SALE! $10-$15 plus shipping and tax until May 2014. Graphite on Acid-Free 75lb/110gsm Bright White Certified Sustainable paper. Available in 4×6 and 5.5×8 sizes. Actual values have been ranging from $25 to $90 once finished Successful subject examples leave room for interpretation: I.E. Fierce cat. Angry little girl. Cool Robot. Octopus. Not for commercial …

  • The Lone Ranger

    2″x3″ $60 Blood, Acrylic, Thread on Canvas

  • Sketching in Dual Brush Pens

    Pencil, 4″x6″ Sketchbook, Tombo dual brush pens in skin tones, iPhone camera, Snapseed Retrolux.

  • Exploring Expressive Faces: Sketches

    Ballpoint pen, 2×3 inch sketchbook, iPhone camera, Snapseed Grunge. I googled “How to draw facial expressions” and came to Dani Jone’s/ awesome blog post. This was the immediate result of having sketched a few of her expressions there. Thank you so much Dani for sharing your art and your process! It helped me so much!