Wounded – First single from “Keep Going”

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Written and performed by Courtnee Fallon Rex
Vocals, Accordion, Keys, Guitar, Sound Engineering, Mastering by Courtnee Fallon Rex
Album art photographed by Chris Clark designed by Courtnee Fallon Rex

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Wounded by Courtnee Fallon Rex

Your mother taught you loving is sacrifice,
do for others more that you can
Your sister showed to properly hate yourself,
and how to take a punch like a man

Oh you’re wounded
Just like me


Your father he instilled his doubt in you,
everything you’ve done’s in the wrong.
Think your feels into a hiding place,
now stirring to the sound of this song

You’re wounded
Just like me

The patriarchy made you know everything,
your whiteness always kept you ahead
Maneuvering this world from your niceness mask,
leaving all your shames left unsaid

You’re wounded
Just like me

They festered and corroded and they took control,
thriving in the lack of the light.
Your pain has turned you into a coward, child,
to my rape you’ve apologized.

Oh you’re wounded
Just like me

You’re worth healing for
Just like me

Wounded boys
Pretending to be a men
You don’t know what fuck’s going on

But it’s your choice
Giving up or giving in to
The paradigm that’s oppressed us all

I am letting go of all of my hope
That you’ll ever decide I’m worth healing for

You’re worth healing for
You’re worth healing for