Trip shots: Canon 24mm/2.8 pancake lens

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Last trip, I bought a Sigma 18-35mm wide angle to take images with. It was beautiful, but far too expensive to keep.

Since then, I’ve picked up Canons 50/1.8 and 24/2.8 pancake lens. I used the 50/1.8 to shoot a wake, and it worked well for me in that situation to have to be so far away from the subject. I think that 50 will come in handy for event photography, and if I stick with my Canon t3i body I may invest in the 50/1.4 eventually.

In most portrait situations, however, I’ll want to be closer. So before leaving on this trip, I got myself the 24mm. Here are the first test shots from it — some I’ve embelished in post, others I simply exported to jpeg directly from the raw files.