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Art Activists Black Tie Affair: March 23, 2013

BUY TICKETS Courtnee is both directing performances and performing ambient aerial for the upcoming Art Activists Black Tie Affair to benefit the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. The event will be held March 23rd 2013, 7:30pm at Steve Jensen Studios in Seattle, WA. Tickets are available to the public! Better yet, your ticket price is…
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March 1, 2013 0

Embodied, 2011

BUY EMBODIED: http://courtneefallonrex.net/buy-music/ ABOUT THE SHOW Embodied is a one-woman show illustrating a musical journey, and a rare public performance including much of my original music and distinctive cover songs. It depicts the sense of the personality fragmentation in youth that occurred for me when my mother left, and the experience of slowly piecing one’s…
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February 6, 2012 2

How Art Saved My Life (HASML), 2011

Vita Arts Presents: How Art Saved My Life (HASML) http://vitaarts.net “How Art Saved My Life” takes place in a collective mind space. The show is an amplified illustration of the moment in time where you stare into a black hole and choose life. The setting is the mind, in dreamspace, fantasy, plugged into the matrix,…
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January 28, 2011 1

The Obsidian Show, Fall 2008 / Winter 2009

“The words and the physical poetry of human movement and stillness resonated within me during the evening, and the reader of my single tarot card was either very perceptive, psychic, or very lucky. Thanks again for your dreams, my thoughts and the rock and the lubricant” – Nat ABOUT THE SHOW Provocative, and powerful, Obsidian…
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March 21, 2009 5