The best method of supporting even while on a budget is to contribute to my Patreon campaign for $1 or more a month. This method of support is how I am surviving financially as well as thriving artistically. I am so grateful to my backers here and knowing that there are always people in my corner, no matter where I may be at the time.

Another excellent way to support my work is to buy it, share it, and come to the shows.

To send money (cheapest fees, fastest interception) via web, iOS or Android, I suggest Square Cash. My Cashtag is $Courtnee

I also have paypal, and offer a monthly paypal subscription suite of numerous denominations for those who really don’t want another social media site to interact with, but want to give on a recurring basis.

Monthly Support Options

Or offer a one-time donation here:

I am leaning toward touring places where I have on the ground support from trusted social nets in choosing where to travel. Figure the difference between “I like your music, come to Wichita!” and “Come to Boston, I will feed you a meal and offer up a bath tub and introduce you to this person who owns a venue in town that I think would really love your music!”

I’m also interested in suggestions for natural landscapes to see, free camping areas, free things you like to do while in your favorite cities, a cup of coffee, etc.

If you’d like to suggest a place for me to check out or would otherwise like to let me know you’re interested in helping out, fill out the schmancyass form!