March Print Giveaway

Transition | 8″x8″ | Mixed media on Paper| 2018

The financial backing of my comrades is vital to my creation, including the profound lived experiences I facilitate. As has become the case for more and more creators since I began this weird journey in 2013, monthly support from my community makes my world go round.

I accept many forms of payment for one-off donations and purchases (linked below), but it’s the monthly support, even the small trickles, that enable some semblance of stability in my life! For that, I prefer subscription through my payment processor, moonclerk.

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ALL recurring/monthly patrons of CFR are eligible to win art by draw, regardless of level of financial contribution. I currently have 36 patrons and often give multiple pieces away each month, rounding out to most patrons receiving at least one gift a year.


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I am specifically interested in: musicians who would like to learn and perform my works, artists/photographers who are in search of excellent models (that’s me!), and far left political activists with theatrical demonstrations on their minds.