Financial Support Options

I am an independent, fan-supported, backer-sustained, fringe walking, envelope pushing, full-time touring artist and musician. I rely solely on the hustle, and those who’ve been impacted by my work choosing to fund it sustainably. Once an early adopter on Patreon, I now maintain an exclusive monthly mailing list for my community of financiers to relay previews, sneak peeks, stories, updates, and free shit. If you’ve found me to be of influence or significant value, please do consider collaborating with us by filling out the secure MoonClerk form below.

Need to pay for a commission, or want to offer a one-time appreciation with your debit card? Right this way good buddy!

Other ways to support recurringly

NEW!! BANDCAMP FAN CLUB: – Perfect for the fans of my music in particular! Because the base price for signup is a $15 level, when you sign up to my bandcamp fan club you also get access to my THREE (and counting) supporter-exclusive digital album projects chock full of 4+ hours of more remixes, rehearsals, covers, and collaborations which ALL $15+ a month patrons have access to.

OLD SKOOL PATREON: is still alive and ticking, though an official graveyard activity wise. I don’t use the blog anymore or pitch the url anymore. I keep the account around for my 35 legacy members, convenience for those who support multiple artists on the platform, and their easy acceptance of paypal.


Speaking of paypal: is my paypal address, and I have an option to set up recurring monthly payments through it. I don’t tend to encourage it, since I pay monthly + transaction fees to run Stripe through Moonclerk from here to avoid paypal’s politics (they have stolen my money before over ‘adult’ content) but if you want to use them over these other options for some reason, just email me and I’ll hook you up!

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