Ringmaster Rex

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Welcome to the archival edit of my quarantine project @ringmasterrex (eight episodes, ~5 minutes each). Before you begin:

  • Content warning – Ringmaster Rex deals in symbolism, dramatization, humor, camp, and spectacle but also in abuse, trauma, horror/gore and adult themes. I of course think it’s worth it, but please use your discretion.
  • The show, like all my shows, starts out hard and gradually deepens, softens. For those familiar, one might consider this a spinoff of Obsidian.
  • Were I hosting a viewing party, I’d put an intermission around Episode 5.
  • This project began as an experiment in short-form social media video, meant for each clip to be individually looped while a caption was read.
  • It is choppy, quick, and requires a level of suspended disbelief (or a fundamental understanding of the culture of the platform in which it was created) to be thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Video orientation is portrait, optimized for phones and tablets
  • You may like to stay prepared to pause or rewatch portions, especially in the behind the scenes video which often has a lot of text on screen
  • Production quality increases greatly as the series progresses (as I figured out what the fuck I was actually making)
  • I am discouraging the sharing of this particular work to nebulous followings on social media, please pass along to those you expect may appreciate it directly.
  • Enjoy the show! Or else. >:)