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Recommend me to your friends who are hiring

Most of my work is piecemeal and very temporary, and found by word of mouth.

Come to a performance, or tell your friends about an upcoming show in their area

Come to my classes/hire me to teach you

I coach aerial at Versatile Arts in the Greenwood area of Seattle, usually between the July and September months, and I am willing to teach how I do virtually any skill I have mastered on a one-off basis. I know how to do tons of shit, and love teaching small group workshops; Ask Me!

Put me up/feed me

Meals and environmental temperature control; gotta love them both, really.

Collaborate with me artistically

I am specifically interested in Seattle musicians (bassist, cellist, drummer, guitarist, ukuleleist, keys) who would like to learn and perform my works in July of 2018, and artists/photographers who are in search of excellent models.

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