Louis Maistros: Lower Decatur Street, New Orleans

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In addition to being an excellent event/portrait/candid street photographer, Louis Maistros is also an impressive author. His book, The Sound of Building Coffins is some of the best fiction I’ve ever read.

The writing is lyrical and sophisticated without being pretentious — in fact I find the use of language seductive and empathetic in a way that showcases little glimmers of poetic justice, which to me is the perfect compliment for subject matter that is very dark (chuckles gleefully). Gems include an angry mob being “whipped up into a murderous lather” and the notion that, frankly, God is a nag.

The circumstantial story is very different from the show, but I am pretty fucking sure if you appreciated the ways in which I crafted Obsidian, you will similarly value the experience of reading his work.

It took me a chapter or two to get used to the theatrics in the story telling, and I wouldn’t call this light reading in terms of how ones brain might maneuver absorbing how the story is told, but I settled in quickly and highly suggest pushing through if you happen to share in that bit of resistance.