I #PoopOnRape Culture leggings

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Art & Design by Courtnee Fallon Rex in collaboration with Ben Dobyns and William Courtney

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Flash your sass, strut your stuff, and make your stand all at the same time; Let your clothing be your ally in the fight against street harassment.

This slick, flattering, eye-catching legging design somewhat confusingly says “I poop on rape culture”.

When to point that out? Well, that part is up to you.

Color Options:

  • Loud and Proud — Bright and bold greyscale.
  • Seeing Red — Asymmetric! Red and Black base with Red accent on the left leg, and Grey on the right.
  • Secret Weapon — Subtle greyscale. This incognito color will have people squinting and wondering.

Happy Customers

“I got my Poop on Rape and they are just incredible graphics, quality, and fit. I need to live in Bombshellers, am going to order more now. I am showing everyone in my path. Awesome. The funniest sharpest most insouciant political shout-out ever.” – Lori Todd