About Courtnee

I am an artist, writer, musician, and performer based in Seattle, WA. In 2015 I embraced an itinerant life, moving into a run of the mill passenger van. I can usually be found now couch surfing Seattle/Los Angeles/New Orleans, or living on the road, having toured nationally thrice in as many years.

“Courtnee Fallon Rex is an intensely expressive artist. Like most of us, she is searching for meaning through expression. Unlike most of us, however, her passion does not seem to be limited to any art form or discipline. Courtnee is a composer, visual artist, photographer, model, aerial performer, actress, director, thinker, and so much more. It seems that she creates as she lives.” – The Nonsense Society

When I am pushed to explain the motivational qualities of my portfolios, I return again and again to art as healing, art as coping, art as human development, art as a means to fashion a more authentic personal expression.

Though my styles, interests, and mediums constantly shift over time, it is consistent that through this communication of artistic practice, I enable fractions of my own self to acknowledge and validate one another, and by doing so, affect a kind of undercurrent in my audience. It is also through the practice of art that I serve my community in their healing, artmaking, and collective personal growth.

The themes of my body of solo work are often social criticism: rape culture, patriarchy, romance supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, mental health advocacy, women’s liberation, and the rise of the oppressed/underdogs. My essays, specifically, are very focused directly on these themes, as well as personality development, and iconoclasm. My visual forms of work vary, and tend to be a lot less direct.


I grew up in Sacramento, CA, testing out of high school freshman year to enter the fast food workforce at age 15. I was a fixture of the hacking community in the mid 90’s, a bean counter for the dawn of the modern internet, and directed operations of a retail computer store at age 17.

I first began selling my artwork as a freelance web designer beginning in 1995, explored self photography as I ran one of the first webcams online, and spent most of my adolescent social time on what used to be the fringes of society; USEnet and IRC.

In 1998, I moved to Seattle to work at Microsoft, transitioning client-based chat service networks to what would eventually become our modern web-based social media. By 2003, I’d all but left tech and had begun to piece together the first scaffoldings of what has become my strange little life.


I was active in the digital music revolution at the turn of the century, recording, mixing, and releasing independent electronic music online under the moniker “Not Applicable”, contributing to news articles, collaborating with signed as well as indy artists, and developing an international cult fanbase of a select few gen-x geeks and weirdos.

I was formerly noted as “One of MP3. com’s fastest rising electronic allstars”, and it’s been said of me that I “possess the unique ability to virtually freeze time with my moving, highly emotional ambient landscapes, combining dreamy tones with an unforgettably beautiful voice.”.

Downtempo piano soul, acoustic melodic soft rock guitar, ethereal macabre accordion, and ambient electronic undertones round out my distinctive musical style. My solo performances are intimate, eclectic, and peppered with vulgarity. Similar vocalists include Sinead O’Connor, Jewel, Lisa Gerrard, and Beth Gibbons of Portishead.

http://courtneefallonrex.net is my dedicated music site.


I’ve performed internationally as a freelance aerialist, including Seattle venues ACT theater, The Pink Door, and Seattle Center. I served as an ensemble troupe member for six years with The Little Red Studio, and four years as the board president, co-founder and creative director of Vita Arts, a 501(c)(3) arts non-profit, producing “The Obsidian Show” and “How Art Saved My Life”, respectively.

The feel of my theatrical work thus far is based in darkness and reflection, yet is ultimately humorous and hopeful. In the future, I would like to explore the intensity and collaboration of theater again.


By the time I’d hit my 20’s I had become deeply entrenched in a constant loop of incredible stress and self neglect, actively going out of my way to drown out how deeply I and those around me were abusing ourselves.

As part of what became an impressively multifaceted recovery from that life, I sought out massage. The experience stayed with me, profoundly altering my course. My own experiences with Complex PTSD, unresolved grief and severe suicidal depression informed the development of my practice to include emotional and neurological awareness in conjunction with manual massage therapies.

I closed my 8-year private Pioneer Square practice in 2014, succumbing finally to the inflation and gentrification that has plagued Seattle since.. about the time my white yuppie showed up. I still occasionally practice bodywork and self care coaching, as well as having been certified in grief recovery since 2013.

“I would like to be remembered as somebody who made the path a little easier for somebody behind me” – Heather Flemming

The future

By 2020 I plan on having had an official gallery show (as opposed to the informal shows I’ve done with already existing work — I wanna have to paint for 6 months!). I’d like to take some visual art classes — drawing, painting — and improve the age and condition of my mobile studio (fancy words for the van I live in). I’d also like to have completed an artist residency and toured my music internationally, and to have continued to pursue artist and alternative modeling; as performative expression, as well as to cultivate a larger community of trusted collaborators to help me battle my tendency toward isolation.

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