SOLD: Red Violin

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SOLD!! Enjoy her, Tiffany and Ben!

I’m wanting to let fans and friends know that I am ready to find the right person to pass my violin along to, before expanding into craigslist/music store territory.

It is a full size, crafted in 1978, and I partially decorated it in acrylic and bloodwork shortly after it was passed to me in 2013. You can hear her in multiple songs on Keep Going, but most vividly and expressively in Psychogirl.

She has meant a lot to me and has energy about her, but I remain quite rudimentary at playing, and do not give her the attention or have the means to give her the proper care she deserves.

Price is completely subjective and case by case based on resources; if you’re drawn to her, contact me. I will know the right person when they come along.