Embodied: Live in Seattle – Special Edition

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This unique and limited edition album is perfect for the die-hard Not Applicable fan.

These 25 uncommon Embodied Limited Editions include:

handwritten personalization, unique album artwork, a bonus track, and a kickass behind the scenes DVD with over two hours of rehearsal and performance footage — including two songs not released on the album. It is also mixed differently; It is cleaner sounding. The world release is mixed to sound more like the room did, whereas the LE edition sounds more like what someone plugged into the board would have heard. Up close and Personal.

Twenty-five THREE Special Edition versions of “Embodied: Live in Seattle” are currently offered direct from Courtnee — once they’re sold, they’re gone forever.

The price is $32 including shipping. Get yours now!

Check or Money orders, send to:

Courtnee Papastathis
600 1st Ave Suite 625
Seattle, WA 98104

Many more musical offerings can be found at Courtnee’s music site, http://notapplicable.org

The world release of Embodied can be previewed here, and bought in both digital and CD format at BandCamp.