NSFW: Courtnee Fallon Rex covers Gold Guns Girls at Soulfood Coffeehouse in Redmond

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I open my current multimedia set with this act, covering Metric’s “Gold, Guns, Girls”. This NSFW video is further imagined from the proof of concept performed to include more visuals that would be projected onto a screen which was behind me. In the live performance, there was no imagery accompanying this, only video projection of Strata during a brief intermission toward the end of the show.

I hope to add more video components to my work, and pay people to help me run tech during shows, as well as screen print shirts during my performances, so people can bring an old favorite blank shirt and leave branded forevers. If you wanna help with that, and/or wanna see video of this entire 1-hour performance from Soulfood Coffeehouse on September 14th 2018, check out my http://neevita.net/support/ to donate or sign up to chip in monthly.

If my work affects you or helps you be seen, I’m really glad. And to all you other struggling artists out there: It’s ok to make art just for you.

Keep Going.