Ringmaster Rex

Welcome to the archival edit of my COVID quarantine project, Ringmaster Rex. Content warning – Ringmaster Rex deals in symbolism, dramatization, humor, camp, and spectacle but also in abuse, trauma, horror/gore and adult sexual themes. It contains many flash and visual effects that may trigger … ContinueRingmaster Rex

Attention Economy

Performing “Attention Economy” in Tacoma, WA – April 18, 2019 (image by @laila.tova) Living street art by Courtnee Fallon Rex Courtnee’s current street performance piece, “Attention Economy” explores the possibility of joining one another, safely yet vulnerably, in an unconventional setting. Rooted in the artists … ContinueAttention Economy

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SOLD: Pencil Eye

5.5×8.5″ Pencil and ink on Canson paper $450 including shipping, beautifully double-matted and framed to 11×17″ – neevita.net/payments

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SOLD: Watercolor Bird

6×13″ Watercolor and Ink cutout on canson watercolor paper. SOLD – neevita.net/payments

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Welcome to my Curriculum vitae (course of life). Virtually every project, educational pursuit, and job I’ve held is reflected here. It’s a lot, and I’m proud of it. If you’re looking instead for pretty pictures of the things I’ve made, check out my ORIGINAL ARTWORK, … ContinuePortfolio

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SOLD: The Expressionists

THE EXPRESSIONISTS: SET OF TWO 8×8″ Acrylic on canvas, with 2×2″ canvases mounted in the center. Artwork is 3-dimensional, as center canvases protrude 1/2″. August, 2017. SOLD

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