Ringmaster Rex

Welcome to the archival edit of my COVID quarantine project, Ringmaster Rex. Content warning – Ringmaster Rex deals in symbolism, dramatization, humor, camp, and spectacle but also in abuse, trauma, horror/gore and adult sexual themes. It contains many flash and visual effects that may trigger … ContinueRingmaster Rex

Attention Economy

Performing “Attention Economy” in Tacoma, WA – April 18, 2019 (image by @laila.tova) Living street art by Courtnee Fallon Rex Courtnee’s current street performance piece, “Attention Economy” explores the possibility of joining one another, safely yet vulnerably, in an unconventional setting. Rooted in the artists … ContinueAttention Economy

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Press Kit

The music of Courtnee Fallon Rex Using simple instrumentation combined with an unforgettable voice to create more than the sum of their parts. Available on Bandcamp, CDBaby, Youtube, and Direct (and the usual ripoff streaming services I don’t like to plug) “Haunting, Beautiful, and Tinged … ContinuePress Kit

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Cold Front, 2018

| Download | Buy CD The flashpoint where Courtnee ran out of fucks; A neurotic album with multiple personalities, Cold Front explores the worlds between both the beautiful ambient-electronic vocal landscape lullaby songs of CFR’s “Not Applicable” era works, and vulgar feminist punk ukulele diddies … ContinueCold Front, 2018

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