Embodied – Live in Seattle, 2011

| Download | Buy CD A provocative multimedia show and design project, Embodied is CFR’s most technically ambitious of live shows to date, including video projection, live painting, live musical performance and first foray into crowdfunding. Performed for two nights in November of 2011 with … ContinueEmbodied – Live in Seattle, 2011

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Embodied, 2011

ABOUT THE SHOW Embodied is a one-woman show illustrating a musical journey, and a rare public performance including much of my original music and distinctive cover songs. It depicts the sense of the personality fragmentation in youth that occurred for me when my mother left, … ContinueEmbodied, 2011

Autochthon, 1999-2012

| Download | Buy CD Autochthon is a re-release of the moody ambient electronic vocal landscape works of Courtnee Fallon Rex (Papastathis) as Not Applicable in 1999/2000. It includes original music that was first released through the mp3.com DAM CD’s “Point of Origin” and “Altercations” … ContinueAutochthon, 1999-2012

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