I opened my first private massage practice in the Medical Dental Building after graduating from the Brian Utting School in 2008, moving my practice to the Pioneer Building in 2010. My education was intense and transformative, including cadaver labs and eclectic, impactful electives. I then added Somatic Unwinding to my cannon in 2012 to help more effectively communicate with the nervous system.

The definition of soma is “to perceive from within”, meaning that you alone, as a soma, are capable of the perception of your sense of what it feels like to inhabit your body. Karen Clay‘s Somatic Unwinding® combines simple, often unfamiliar actions with a level of subtle awareness rarely utilized in our everyday lives.

These movements are easeful, comfortable, and are performed very, very slowly. Combining a focus of your perception on to the subtle senses of movement itself acts as a re-education of your unconscious nerve functions, as well as a very effective method of helping me to investigate what elements of your body would do best in receiving bodywork.

My bodywork education, personal health experiences, mental health knowledge, and physical performance experience have all encouraged me to see our bodies as interconnected, whole systems. Since cultivating this career path, I continue to deepen my knowledge and offerings, weaving my eclectic skill set and extensive experience into effective and memorable experiences for my clients.

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