ALBUM RELEASE: Decatur, produced by Mark Bingham

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Decatur is here!! Short and sweet, it’s:

  • 11 (mostly) busking songs
  • Nearly all live performances in the studio
  • Recorded and mixed by the legendary New Orleans producer Mark Bingham
  • With images taken by photographer Louis Maistros

Available on CD (along with Keep Going and Embodied.)

Stream, and purchase digitally at Bandcamp, OR…

$25 and above Patrons, in addition to having access to patron-only updates and being placed in the Free Art pool I give original work to periodically, are receiving signed physical copies of the album, AND

$5 and above patrons are receiving a digital zip of mp3’s of the album and artwork.

Endless appreciation goes out to my supporters, particularly my eternally encouraging Patreon backers and those who make a point to purchase my art and music. You are the reason I was able to do this. I am grateful to you.

Special thanks also to Ani Banani and Manjo Youngblood of The Free Range Reveleers, David Symons, Jeff Ring, Cody Alison, Louis Maistros, Mark Bingham, Domenic Fusca, Nik Flagstar, Nick LaRocca of Real Nice People (for gracing my album cover with his blissed out side eye), and the countless faces, freaks, gutter punks, street kids and musicians I met along my way who contributed to my evolution as a busker, ultimately making this album possible.

Enjoy <3